Patent-pending technology that predicts medication response and metabolism down to the ingredient level


What is TruTYPE?

Patent-pending technology that estimates the activity or expression of a CYP450 pathway given the innate genotype/phenotype and factors that may decrease or increase expression in a CYP450 enzyme.

Eliminating the trial and error method

Healthcare professionals use results to ensure medications have greatest chance of success

CYP450 Genetic Risk

Hard to determine from a lab report or translational type report due to the many factors, such as, age, liver function, co-administered medications, disease states and other factors that may change the enzyme expression.

Personalized Factors

These personal factors help healthcare professionals quickly estimate if a given enzyme is functioning differently than reported. This is very important in identifying which medications may be impacted or which medications might be causing the changes to activity.

Why TruTYPE?

The only way to truly predict CYP450 risk is to be able to estimate how the CYP450 enzyme is functioning. Translational type software does not do this.

Interactive Reports

With TruTYPE technology, Sozos generates a report that outlines actionable medication interaction findings for patients and providers.

Sozos is the first pharmacy software that provides this information to health care providers.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Increasing the impact we make more each day

“Allowed for me to do a much better job from a comprehensive standpoint about how to manage their problems with the right medicine.”

Dr. Tommy Cawthon M.D.

“When I switched to the alternative his blood pressure responded perfectly. So it was a cheaper medication for him and a much lower dose.”

Dr. Leigh Copeland M.D.
Family Medicine

“We didn’t just get a report of the results, we got what medications the patient was on, we had a pharmacy review of medications, we had options of medications that could be used if the person was a poor metabolizer or a rapid metabolizer.”

Dr. David Showers M.D.
Family Medicine