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Personalized medication management means improved patient outcomes. How well does your body process your prescriptions?

About Sozos

Personalized Medication Management

The personalized diagnostic analysis provides enhanced insights to physicians regarding what medications and corresponding dosages are best for a patient and whether or not a patient is likely to suffer side effects or non-therapeutic response.

We combine our expertise in genetics with comprehensive medication reconciliation conducted by pharmacists trained and certified in pharmacogenetics to produce clinically relevant information and consultative support to you and your team


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Step 1


Provider or patient gathers DNA through a quick cheek swab. Swab is packaged and sent to a Sozos lab.

Step 2


Provider or patient will need to provide all current medications (legible) with the swab package/order form.

Step 3


Once patient is enrolled, the provider will receive confirmation that patient is now in his portal.

Step 4

Ensure Success

Patient will have function that invites providers to share in their care through their portal.

Step 5


Results will be sent to the provider. It is patient’s responsibility to discuss this information with their provider before any new prescriptions are prescribed.

Our Process

How It Works

Sozos uses a patent-pending technology to estimate the activity or expression of a CYP450 pathway given the innate genotype/phenotype that may decrease or increase expression in a CYP450.

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  • Lab & Pharmacy Reports

    BlueprintRx Report for Providers and Pharmacists

    Lab report for Providers

    Easy to read reports and findings

  • Analytics

    Medication lists available to all providers who have access to Sozos Health