“Back to my old self again.”

I have been treated for anxiety and was also prescribed an anti-depressant by my physician. I have frequently taken AdvilPM at night to help me sleep. Due to these medications, I was tired all the time and had fatigue throughout my busy day. After a friend recommended the Sozos App, my physician and I discovered I did not process the antidepressant as well as normal individuals and the over the counter sleep aid was making it even worse. Genetically, my doctor learned that I need to watch those combinations of medications. My physician recommended removing the Advil PM and now I feel that I am back to my old self again.

Beth M.

“Saved me a lot of Money.”

I was diagnosed with Heart Disease, Diabetes and chronic pain. I was also on a host of medications including Brilinta for a recently placed stent, Glyburide for diabetes, Metformin for diabetes, Simvastatin for cholesterol, ARB for blood pressure and Hydrocodone for chronic pain. I had complained of headaches, fatigue, very little pain control and severe constipation. To make matters worse I am having trouble paying for all of my medications. I was referred by my pharmacy to join the Sozos program because a lot of my medications are processed in the liver and genetics can determine how well they work.

After entering the information into the software along with my most recent kidney function test (eGFR) and medications, the pharmacist was not only able to identify the culprits, but also saved me a lot of money by choosing generics that were better suited for me. After, I shared this information with my physician and the changes were made. I now walk three days a week for 20 minutes and I’m feeling much better. Going forward, I will not take another medication until it is entered into Sozos app.

Kevin J

“Now she can spend quality time with her grandchildren.”

My mom is 84 years old, on 18 medications and has many different physicians. She lives at home with my family and I act as her caregiver. I was concerned that my mother just wasn’t the same person and believed she was on too many medications. I consulted the family physician and he recommended the Sozos program to see if some of the medications could be causing her mental fatigue and loss of memory.

After the results came back and the software was utilized, the physician was astounded by the number of problem medications. In seconds Sozos pointed out all high-risk medications that could be causing problems. The physician was also alerted to a common problem in medicine. Prescribing new medications for symptoms caused by another medication. It was this very medication causing most of the problems. The physician was able to lower her number of medications to 9 and now she can spend quality time with her grandchildren. I have the Sozos App on my phone and share it with every provider before a new medication is prescribed.

Irene T

“One click I was able to access my current medications.”

I’m a high school soccer player that’s normally healthy, but sometimes I suffer from acute asthma attacks and yearly upper respiratory infections. It just so happens I was finishing a course of erythromycin for a recent bout of sinusitis, and very excited about traveling 3 hrs away to play a championship soccer game when I experienced a bad ankle sprang and was rushed to the ER for x-rays.

My parents were not present at the game. The physician asked if I was on any medications, but I did not remember the names. Thankfully my mom had enrolled our entire family into the Sozos program, and all of this important information was stored on my phone.

With one click I was able to access my current medications and ensure no physician will prescribe high-risk medications.

Tyler G

“I’ll spend minutes in the ER and not hours..”

I travel quite frequently out of town for important business meetings. While on a trip, I accidentally left my medications at home for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. That morning I went for a jog before my meeting and experienced chest pain. I immediately went to the ER to be checked. The first question from the nurse was, “Do you take any medications”? I said “yes” but could not pronounce the names. The nurse contacted my physician back home, but the office was closed. I waited 2 hours until they finally compiled a list of what medications I was on.

Turns out it was just a little heartburn which will now require another medication. The next day a co-worker recommended the Sozos app, I downloaded the app and entered my medication. The next time I had heart burn and traveled to the ER before a business meeting, I’ll spend minutes in the ER and not hours.

John C