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Personalized Medication Management

No one person processes medications the same. Whether prescription medications or over the counter, most people will take a medication, and some will either not work or cause adverse effects.

A solution that eliminates trial and error medication situations


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Step 1


Provider or patient gathers DNA through a quick cheek swab. Swab is packaged and sent to a Sozos lab.

Step 2


Provider or patient will need to provide all current medications (legible) with the swab package/order form.

Step 3


Once patient is enrolled, the provider will receive confirmation that patient is now in his portal.

Step 4

Ensure Success

Patient will have function that invites providers to share in their care through their portal.

Step 5


Results will be sent to the provider. It is patient’s responsibility to discuss this information with their provider before any new prescriptions are prescribed.

Our Process

How It Works

A simple process driven by healthcare providers and our patent-pending technology.

Coming soon to Take Control Over Your Health.

Healthcare professionals use results to ensure medications have greatest chance of success

Access to reports and medication 24/7

Ability to update medication lists

Patients that benefit the most:

  • 5+ medications
  • 2+ chronic illnesses
  • High risk populations
    Certain lifestyles

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Improve your overall health with precision medicine

Sozos is guided by a mission to reduce preventable drug interactions by using personalized diagnostics to identify medications with the most probable risk of not working properly.