Our Purpose

At Sozos, we understand the ongoing challenges you face in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment. Our engagement with you and your staff starts with understanding your clinical workflow and your patients’ profiles. We work with you and your team to integrate Sozos Health's approach into your practice’s workflow making it easy for you to take advantage of the personalized medicine capabilities while knowing you have the ongoing expert support from our team.

We combine our expertise in genetics with comprehensive medication reconciliation conducted by pharmacists trained and certified in pharmacogenetics to produce clinically relevant information and consultative support to you and your team.

Together with you, we can significantly improve the efficacy of your patients’ treatment plans while reducing their costs associated with medications and/or dosages inherently ineffective or even harmful to them.

To put the patient first in every decision.

Our Mission Statement

Provide intelligent, individualized pharmacy wellness platform, utilizing genetics and personal health diagnostics to prevent inappropriate medications from being prescribed and provide a platform to personalize medication therapy 24 hours a day.

Our Leadership

The Sozos Health leadership team exemplifies our company values and a vision for advancing a patient-centered approach to medication management in order to achieve better healthcare outcomes.

Walt Cooper
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
John Stoddard
Secretary and Chief Innovation Officer