Personalized Medication Management

Empower patients and ensure medications have the greatest chance of success.
About Sozos

Personalized Medication Management

Personalized medication management combines genetics and patent-pending technology in order to stop the medication prescribing odyssey.

No one person processes medications the same way. Patients who have two or more chronic illnesses, being prescribed five or more medications and/or of a high-risk population are the most vulnerable.
Sozos Health’s pharmacy wellness platform and mobile app help patients and healthcare professionals identify non-successful medications through our patent-pending technology, TruTYPE.


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Phase 1


Obtain data from Payor, run it through our algorithms to identify the population at the highest risk

Phase 2


If the client desires, follow the process below to obtain the sample and run a test

Step 1


Patient or provider gather personalized diagnostics with a collection kit

Step 2


Sent to a Sozos lab to be processed using a patent-pending process, called TruTYPE

Step 3


Predicts the response and metabolism of the medications at the ingredient level

Step 4

Ensure Success

Patients stay engaged when they feel empowered in their healthcare choices

Step 5


Results will be sent to the provider. It is patient’s responsibility to discuss this information with their provider before any new prescriptions are prescribed.

Our Process

How It Works

A simple process driven by healthcare providers and our patent-pending technology.