Did you know? Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is one of the core elements of personalized medicine. PGx information reduces the likelihood of adverse drug reactions and optimizes therapeutic efficacy. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital in Zagreb/Zabok, Croatia has implemented a personalized patient approach using the RightMedR Comprehensive PGx panel of 25 pharmacogenes plus Facor V Leiden, Factor II and MTHFR genes, which is interpreted by a special counseling team to offer the best quality of care.

With the advent of significant technological advances comes another challenge: how can we harness the data to inform clinically actionable measures and how can we use it to develop better predictive risk models? We propose to apply the principles artificial intelligence to develop a medication optimization platform to prevent, manage and treat different diseases.

Read more about Pharmacogenomics and why it's the core of personalized medicine here.

Source: Future Medicine

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